Interview: Wu-Tang Clan Gives Props to Migos: "They've Got Flows"

While in Montebello for Rockfest, members of Wu-Tang Clan sat down with Mr. Wavvy to discuss a number of topics, including:

- The meaning of life (0:01)

- Touring with Rage Against the Machine in 1997 (0:41)

- Upcoming solo projects (1:15)

- U-God tells the story of Mike Tyson robbing his mother (1:45)

- Capadonna announces a mix CD titled Hip-Hop

- Raekwon hints at unreleased music from his time at Aftermath Entertainment (3:11)

- Showing love for Migos and 21 Savage, "I like the energy they give off. They've got flows" (3:19)

- The group's unreleased remix of Drake "Wu-Tang Forever", "We got the beat 1 day in advance, we didn't get a chance to prepare." (4:35)

- Best memories of Prodigy, "He was the King of Street Anthems" (5:18)