WayHome's Top 5 Schedule Conflicts (And Who You Should See)


WayHome is shaping up to be one of the most exciting festivals of the summer. With an insane lineup and unique location at Burl's Creek camp grounds, WayHome will certainly provide its attendees with a fresh new take on the Canadian festival experience. A few weeks ago, WayHome unveiled the schedule for the 3 days of festivities. One aspect that separates the festival's schedule from others is that it eliminates any performances on the secondary stages for when the headliners are scheduled to perform so that all of the energy could be placed upon them (or to get an early night of sleep if you're not a fan of them).

In general, the festival did a tremendous job in making the schedules in such a way that fans would not have to be conflicted. Even if there are some overlaps, for the most part, the attendee would be able to catch the majority of each performer's set before running off to catch the next.

However, like any big festival, there are a few times in which artists' sets blatantly overlap each other, particularly during the "Late Night" portion of WayHome.


Given this, many attendees are understandably feeling torn apart as to who they should go see in certain cases. Fear not #WayHomies, we've got you covered! Without further ado, here are the Top 10 WayHome Scheduling Conflicts and who you should go see.

10. How To Dress Well vs. Big K.R.I.T. vs. Timber Timbre

As these 3 acts commence the Saturday portion of "Late Night", it will be interesting to see who fans move towards. Luckily, all 3 names are so different stylistically that it shouldn't be a problem for most fans to choose where to go.

With his soulful raps and raw emotion, we'd have to go with BIG K.R.IT. as our choice. Not only is Krizzle one of the most underrated rappers of his generations but also a Southern power force with a scotching hot song catalogue.


9. St. Vincent vs. Brave Shores vs. July Talk

On the surface, this trifecta seems like a huge conflict but in reality is a no-brainer. Annie Young, otherwise known as St. Vincent has been absolutely slaying it in 2015. If it weren't enough for Annie to be fresh off her first Grammy Award win along with the debut of her much talked about Beats 1 radio show, the singer had been called one of 2014's best live performers by various media publications.


8. Cold War Kids vs. Broods vs. Highs

These 3 bands all bare a similarity in their easy listening, breezy sound that is certain to serve as a the perfect pre-gamer to The Killers' Brandon Flowers' subsequent solo set. However, Cold War Kids are a force to be reckoned with as of lately and our definite pick of who to see during this time slot:


7. Danny Brown vs. Django Django

Both of these performers are respected by Hip-Hop (Danny) and Indie (Django Django) lovers for their unique and offbeat sounds that allow them to be off in their own world. However, as we have personally witness the monster that is Danny Brown live, we can vouch that he is simply one of the best live rappers that we have ever seen!


6. Alt-J vs. Hey Rosetta!

As many #WayHomies who enjoy Indie-Rock are fans as both of these bands, this served as one of the trickier decisions on the lineup. While Alt-J's sophomore effort (which they are touring off of) might not have been as well received as An Awesome Wave, the band still know how to put on a spectacular show and excel in the fan-engagement department.


5. Kaytranada vs. Com Truise vs. Fucked Up

As Montrealers, we here at MrWavvy.com are prone to love Kaytranada. And yes, his live sets are a delight, as you can see in our recap video of Toronto's Time Festival, which he spun at last year:


As much as we love Kaytra, Fucked Up are the clear winners here. The band's name is a fairly good representation of their live performances, as they truly know how to get wild!


4. ODESZA vs. Bassnectar vs. The Growlers

When WayHome released the lineup, this conflict had many Facebook commenters torn apart. While the Indie heads are sure to have a blast at the always awesome The Growlers, ODESZA paired up against Bassnectar served as a genuine challenge for many.

In our opinion, ODESZA takes the cake here. With their heart-meltingly soulful sets, ODESZA's performance seems like the perfect way for #WayHomies to wind down their night.


3. G-Eazy vs. Passion Pit vs. METZ

When we interview G-Eazy back in January, he spoke about hopefully getting some time off of the road this year:


Unfortunately for Gerald, his tour schedule has been PACKED this summer, performing at festivals such as Pemberton, Osheaga and of course, WayHome. Let's be honest, G is an absolute tour-hound and loves hitting the road no matter what he says!

Although G-Eazy is a friend of the website as well as a brilliant live performer and it will be extraordinary for METZ to perform at such a dynamic festival in their home Provence, there is a certain magic to Passion Pit's performances that simply cannot be topped.


2. Future Islands vs. Girl Talk vs. Dwayne Gretsky

Future Islands, Girl Talk and Dwayne Gretsky all have an undeniably high amount of energy during their live performances. Dwayne Gretsky have slowly begun gaining recognition in Canada, while Future Islands have been continuing their hot streak from 2014, with lead singer Samuel T. Herring recently releasing an EP with Madlib.

However, neither group's live performances compare to that of Girl Talk. Known for his eclectic blending of old and new sound along with the onstage dance parties that occur during his sets, Girl Talk is widely recognized as one of the all-time greats when it comes to DJing.


1. Hozier vs. The Gaslight Anthem vs. Viet Cong

With the wildly successful "Take Me To Church" and critically acclaimed self-titled debut album, Hozier is able to sell out intimate venues in a heartbeat. Despite a tremendous year, he is still not yet big enough to be performing at areas. Given this, Hozier is at the perfect point in his career to be performing at festivals.

Could this be the pinnacle of Hozier's career? Who knows for certain...But he is definitely the artist you should see during this time slot, as he is sure to be on of the highlights of the festival. As for Gaslight and Viet Cong, they'll both be back to Eastern Canada soon enough (Viet Cong have already announce 6 Canadian dates for September along with 2 Vancouver dates in October).