WayHome Announce 2016 Lineup

Last year, a new Canadian music festival called WayHome Music & Arts made its debut in Oro-Medonte, Ontario. With acts such as Neil Young, Kendrick Lamar, Girl Talk and Sam Smith mesmerizing the camp grounds with unforgettable performances, it is safe to say that the festival got off to a good start! It seemed too good to be true. As is the gift and curse with many firsts in life, many began to wonder whether WayHome's early success was going to last, or just a mere freshman fluke. Fortunately, the news the festival revealed today suggests not only will WayHome 2016 be as good as the inaugural edition, but perhaps even better.

Earlier this morning, WayHome revealed the lineup for this year's edition of its festival, which is packed with many wonderful surprises:

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WayHome is the first Canadian event to announce shows for numerous acts, including all 3 headliners (LCD Soundstystem, Arcade Fire and The Killers. However, members of Arcade Fire are playing a charity event in Montreal later this month), Major Lazer, HAIM, The Last Shadow Puppets (Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner's side project) and many others.

Additionally, the Bonnaroo-affiliated festival also features a number of acts who will be making their rounds on the North American festival scene throughout the summer, including Vince Staples, The Struts and Unknown Moral Orchestra, among others.

Last year, we spoke to Republic Live’s executive director, Shannon McNevan about the festival's creation. During our chat, McNevan had this to say about WayHome's hopeful longevity:

"I guess more than anything, our goal as a company/brand is just trying to expose people to things they might not have seen before. We believe when they see that in this setting, they won’t only be able to appreciate it but also, they’ll leave changed, with a whole different mindset of the arts and what they’ve been exposed to."

He later elaborated:

It’s definitely a longterm plan. We’ve done a lot of studying of other music festivals and with the business plan we’re coming in on, it definitely would not work as a 1 or 2 year experiment. So it’s definitely a long term plan.

With this announcement, not have WayHome created what is arguably the greatest lineup on the 2016 festival scene thus far, they have also added another vital piece to the puzzle of having Shannon's hopes/dreams achieved.

Will you be hitting up WayHome 2016? Purchase your tickets on WayHome's official site on February 16th. Click here to read our full interview with Shannon McNevan.