Wavvy Wednesday Vol. 19


Tibe Breaks Silence with "Fluvial"

It's been a while since we've heard from Montreal beatmaker Tibe. In recent months, the 19 year old producer has been a little more particular with the tracks he chooses to release. This selective approach has resulted in a much more developed sound from Tibe, a clear example of this being his most recent release, "Fluvial":


Although sultry and mature in its own right, it goes without saying that Tibe is sure to tear up the local scene at any set in which "Fluvial" is dropped. That being said, be sure to check him out next month opening for Toronto's Internet Daughter at The Blue Dog Motel.

Freddie Gibbs Has His Priorities Straight on "Money, Cash, Hoes"

Freddie Gibbs voice has a magic touch. When the Gary, Indiana-born rapper steps to the mic, it seems as if he can genuinely make any subject sound good to the ears. This is definitely true on Gibbs' latest track, "Money, Cash, Hoes". Although perhaps a little cliché in terms of content, this nod to Jay-Z and DMX's classic 90s anthem still manages to create a banger of a track through devastatingly overused matters of topic. Props to the subtle Dark Man X sample on this The Beat Bully productions as well!


Sia Recruits Sean Paul for "Cheap Thrills" Remix

Sia's This Is Acting was undeniably one of the best releases of January. The album was a firm continuation of the singer solidifying herself as one of Pop music's strongest songwriters, along with further establishing her importance as a solo artist.

One of the LP's standout tracks, "Cheap Thrills", was actually initially intended for Rihanna, who ultimately decided to pass on the record. Given this, it only seemed right for Sia to add some Caribbean flavour to it, which is why having Sean Paul on the remix only seems right. Today, Sia released a lyric video for the "Cheap Thrills" remix, featuring brand new vocals from the Dancehall star:



Mark Ronson and Kevin Parker Combine Collabs for "Summer Breaking/Daffodils" Video

Nobody would have ever imagined that British hit-maker Mark Ronson and Tame Impala's Kevin Parker could create such a surprisingly strong duo. Alas, they did, and out popped to irresistible tracks off of Ronson's Uptown Special LP, "Summer Breaking" and "Daffodils". With Ronson 3 for 3 as far as music videos for the album, it only seemed right that he kept the momentum going strong.

Today, Ronson and Parker premiered a joint video, blending their two collaborations. The video stars Sarah McDaniel, Playboy's current cover girl, notably the first to pose for their all new, non-nude format.

When speaking about the video with Rolling Stone, Ronson had this to say:

"'Summer Breaking' is probably my personal favorite on Uptown Special, and seeing as Kevin and Tame Impala are so hot right now, we thought we could really make the most of this 'hotness' by making a video for not one but two of his songs from Uptown Special, 'Summer Breaking' and 'Daffodils.' Theo Wenner made a beautiful video that really captures (and goes beyond) what we were envisioning when Michael Chabon wrote those haunting lyrics."