Troy Ave Identified as Shooter from T.I. Concert


Earlier today, we wrote about a shooting at T.I.'s concert that resulted in the death of one man, and sufficient injuries to three others, including rapper Troy Ave. Additionally, the man who passed away was affiliated with Troy Ave's Brick Star Boyz (BSB) collective. Now, the New York Daily News is reporting that Troy has in fact been identified as a shooter, with venue security footage to prove it:

For those who would rather not see the disturbing tape, the video shows Troy Ave alongside two other men (one who appears to be running away) enter a backstage area of the venue as Ave fires at least one shot (it was said that at least five shots rang out through the venue in total).

Currently, Troy Ave is reportedly in police custody and could be facing charges of reckless endangerment and illegal weapons possession. Ave has been affiliated with T.I. since around 2014, when the Atlanta hitmaker almost signed Troy to his Grand Hustle label.

Could this be the end of the Brooklyn rapper's short-lived career? Keep posted for more on this story as we obtain new info.