Travis Barker Reflects on 8 Years Since Tragic Plane Crash


On September 19th 2008, a Learjet 60 leaving from Columbia Metropolitan Airport in South Carolina crashed due to a rejected takeoff, leaving 4 dead, 2 critically injured. The two who survived: Travis Barker and Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein. Just under a year after the incident, Goldstein passed away on August 28th due to an accidental drug overdose, a lethal blend of cocaine, alongside prescription medication that was given to the DJ in order to help cope and lead himself back to himself following the crash.

Travis Barker, the world-renown drummer best known for his work with Blink-182, has openly suffered following the tragic occurrence. From post-traumatic stress, a fear of flying, and even suicidal thoughts, Barker faced numerous hardships in the years that followed.

Yesterday marked the 8-year anniversary of the horrific plane accident. Sombrely, Barker took to social media to reflect on the tragic occurrence, paying tribute to his fallen friends in the process:

When we interviewed Travis earlier this year, the plane crash was definitely a topic we thought about touching upon. However, out of respect for the drummer, we ultimately decided not to. It is a difficult enough topic that we are sure Barker thinks about every day of his life, and he has been quite open about it over the years. He has shared with the world some of the darkest corners of his mind, something most people could not possibly conceive doing. For those reasons and more, it seemed right to focus on other topics, such as music, the future, and philosophy.

Our thoughts and regards go out to the families that lost their loved ones, Che Still, Chris Baker, pilots James Bland, and Sarah Lemmon, during this terrible accident.