Top 5 Movies You Should See at Cineplex's Great Digital Film Festival


Every year, Cineplex puts on a wonderful week-long event at select theatres across Canada titled "The Great Digital Film Festival". The festival features classic movies, everything from blockbusters to cult favourites, digitally remastered for viewers' enjoyment (not to mention every ticket is only $6.99 a pop). Today kicks off the 7th edition of the festival and we thought there couldn't be a better way to kick things off than to share with you some of our top picks. With that being said, here are our "Top 5 Movies You Should See at Cineplex's Great Digital Film Festival".  

5. Beverly Hills Cop

Eddie Murphy has a bad rep with Millennials. With the exceptions of Dreamgirls and the first two Shrek films, our generation has not witnessed any particularly phenomenal films starring the actor. Even with those two exceptions, Dreamgirls is a Drama and although they do include some great humour, the Shrek films are primarily considered to be of the Family genre.

The Great Digital Film Festival's inclusion of Beverly Hills Cop allows the younger generation a chance to finally see what all of their elders are boasting about when the state that Murphy is one of the all-time funniest actors. This 80s classic features prime Eddie Murphy as Axel Foley, a slick-talking police officer from Detroit on vacation in California visiting his childhood friend, Mikey. After Mikey is suddenly murdered, Foley takes the death's investigation into his own hands, all while dealing with the culture shock of the lush Beverly Hills environment.


4. Mad Max: Road Warrior/Mad Max: Fury Road

Unless you were sleeping under a rock, you probably heard that Mad Max: Fury Road was one of the best films of 2015. Jam packed with action, female empowerment and extravagant visuals, the film served as a truly worth reboot/sequel to the original series.

Speaking of the originals, the Great Digital Film Festival will also be screening the series' first sequel, Mad Max: Road Warrior. Experience Mel Gibson prior to his drunken rants and overt racism, a time when he was actually one of the most well-respected genres on the planet.

With all of the praise surrounding Fury Road, many seem to have forgotten that Road Warrior is actually the film with the higher Rotten Tomatoes score (it beats Fury Road by a mere 1%, but nevertheless). If you loved the new film, this is your chance to relive the excitement, while understanding the greatness it originates from. If you haven't seen either of them, this is your chance to do some much needed catching up!


3. From Dusk Till Dawn

When people think Quentin Tarantino, their minds often navigate towards classics such as Pulp FictionReservoir Dogs, Kill Bill and his many other directorial masterpieces. But what about From Dusk Till Dawn?

Directed by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Spy Kids), this is one of the few films that actually Tarantino, alongside the womaniser of a man who goes by the name of George Clooney! If that wasn't enough to sell you, QT also wrote the script to this one of a kind "Vampire Hit-men" tale. Although initially met with lukewarm critical reception, the movie went on to gain a tremendous following, which helped lead to it achieving a television series adaptation in 2014.


2. Labyrinth

Many people forget that not only was David Bowie a tremendous singer, but also a very gifted actor. Perhaps one of the greatest examples of his talents being put to the test was in Jim Hendson's 1986 cult favourite, Labyrinth.

Executive produced by George Lucas, this surreal, sexual journey features everything one could possibly desire: Puppets (Hendson is the mastermind behind The Muppets), alternative universes, and of course, musical numbers! What better way to honour David Bowie's legacy than to see his crown-jewel film, back on the silver screen?

1. Ghostbusters

What ya gonna watch? Ghostbusters! This 1984 classic takes the top spot on our list for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is arguably the best Comedy-Fantasy film ever made, a perfect blend of hilarity and the supernatural. This fun for the whole family flick features an all-star cast with phenomenal chemistry including (but not limited to) Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Canada's own Rick Moranis and of course, Slimer!

If reliving the ghoulish magic in polished digital format wasn't enough to sell you, keep in mind that this will also be your chance to jog your memory (or experience for the first time, if you're treading really far behind) on how exciting the ghost-catching quartet were before the all-female reboot is released this summer.


Will you be attending the Great Digital Film Festival? See the full lineup of films and purchase your tickets here.