Top 10 Osheaga Scheduling Conflicts (And Who You Should See)


The time has finally come for Osheaga 2016. Going to music festivals can be quite stressful; the blistering heat, claustrophobia, disgusting toilet situations, and of course, your favourite artists performing at the same time! While we cannot help with the bulk of these problems, we've compiled a list of this year's Top 10 Osheaga Scheduling Conflicts (And Who You Should See):

10. Bastille vs. Best Coast

Nobody enjoys a band that is too safe during live performances. Unfortunately, this is the exact delivery of English indie rockers Bastille during their shows. This shouldn't be much of a surprise given their Top 40 radio status. However, there is an alternative.

Best Coast have not visited Montreal since a 2011 tour with Wavves, and the city has definitely missed them. Their surfer-esque, mellow-dramatic California heartbreak tunes are of perfect vibe for an outdoor music festival, making them a must-see band at Osheaga 2016.

9. Elle King vs. Goldlink vs. Snakehips

Question: What do you get when you cross a singer/songwriter/daughter of Rob Schnieder, a rapper from Maryland, and two Brits on turntables? Answer: One hell of a scheduling conflict!

Your best bet here is Elle King for a number of reasons. She's passionate live; giving it her all as she belts tracks from her debut, Love Stuff. She has a wild sense of humour; perhaps acquired by her father, Elle usually concludes her shows with a cover of 2002's top guilty pleasure jam: "My Neck, My Back". Aside from her strongsuits, Goldlink and Snakehips will be throwing an afterparty later that night at Theatre Fairmont for only $25 a ticket, giving you a chance to see all three of these gifted performers without beating up your bank account.

8. Cypress Hill vs. Bloc Party

Two legendary bands, one frustrating clash. As mentioned in our initial analysis of the Osheaga lineup, there are not too many legendary Hip-Hop acts (in comparison to having Nas and OutKast at recent editions of the festival) aside from Cypress Hill. Given this, don't miss out on an opportunity to enjoy all of their weed-induced, slightly murderous hits during their first performance in the city since 2011.

7. The Arcs vs. Post Malone

While these two acts may not appear to have mutual fans on the surface, many have been complaining about this scheduling conflict. Should they go with The Arcs, the Garage-Rock side project of The Black Keys' lead Dan Auerbach, or Post Malone, the New York-born, Texas-bred rapper/singer, known for his hit single, "White Iverson".

Although it is worth noting that Auerbach has performed in Montreal every year since 2010 (3 of which were at Osheaga) and will likely return soon enough, Post Malone is simply terrible live, as we discovered at last year's Fool's Gold Homecoming (read our review here). It would simply be a waste of time to see the 21 year-old sloppily go through his catalogue when you could be seeing the multi-talented Auerbach in a far more intimate setting than your typical 20,000+ attended Black Keys concert.

6. Radiohead vs. Tory Lanez vs. Gramatik

Tory Lanez and Gramatik come to Montreal virtually every year (in fact, Tory has already hinted at a return to the city in the near future). Radiohead are performing hits that haven't been played in over a decade, not to mention touring off of one of the year's best releases. Verdict? Radiohead.

5. Death Cab For Cutie vs. The Last Shadow Puppets vs. Kaytranada

There is nothing Montrealers like to see more than a local success story. This is exactly why Kaytranada's performance on day 2 of Osheaga is (rightfully) sure to be packed. The hometown hero has come a long way from spinning at hole-in-the-wall venues and supporting spots on show bills, and Montreal has been there to support him throughout the entire journey.

Of course, The Last Shadow Puppets have never reached Montreal before, and Death Cab have a catalogue full of hits, but nothing will quite compare to seeing Kaytranada perform for his city at one of its most esteemed festivals in what is sure to be a homecoming to remember.

4. Disclosure vs. Mac Miller

Both of these artists are known for their inherently upbeat music. Both acts also perform in Montreal quite frequently, giving electrifying performances during each visit (read our review of Mac at least year's MRCY Festival here).

However, Disclosure are performing with a live band at Osheaga, something that isn't present during all of their performances. Given this and the high caliber of last year's Carcal, there is not a doubt in our mind that their Osheaga performance will be a highlight of the festival.

3. Lana Del Rey vs. Future

Both of these performers had a similar problem in the early stages of their respective careers: they were not good live. As time passed, the two got better with age and experience. However, Lana's dreamy ballads are sure to reign superior to Future's turnup crooned anthems come this Saturday. Stick with Ms. Del Rey for your night time festivities.

2. Leon Bridges vs. Skepta

Are you trying to git-down, or hear "Shutdown"? With both of these talented individuals brining uniquely vibrant energies to their live shows, Leon Bridges vs. Skepta serves as one of the most difficult conflicts for Osheaga 2016.

As devastating as it may be to miss Skepta's first performance in the city, Leon Bridges brings his audience back to an era of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, something that Osheaga attendees will find nowhere else throughout the fest. Cross that Bridge(s) over to Parc Jean Drapeau and go to see Leon.

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Flume vs. Boys Noize

Red Hot Chili Peppers have found their groove again. While this year's The Getaway sounds nothing quite like the band has released before, it still contains the irresistible Funk that got the world to love the band in the first place.

On the other hand, Flume and Boys Noize are two of the most respected artists in the realm of electronic music. Both also released stellar LPs in 2016, satisfying both fans and critics alike. However, it is worth pointing out that both Flume and Boys Noize perform in Montreal every 1-2 years, and will be back again in no time. This will be RHCP's first time in Montreal since 2012. With their current tour receiving rave reviews and a chance to see one of Rock music's greatest bands in a unique outdoor setting, we say don't Californiacate the situation and go to see the Chili Peppers!