Could TNGHT Be Prepping A Reunion For Osheaga?


It's been a while since the world heard from TNGHT. Formed by Hudson Mohawke and Lunice in 2011, the duo took the Electronic music scene by storm with their self-titled EP released the following summer. The EP is widely considered to be one of the most influential and innovative projects in the realm of Trap music, breaking new boundaries that no one else in the genre would dare explore. swagdaddy

The group went on to continue their hot streak with post-EP songs like "Acrylics" and "R U Ready", the latter of which later severed as a basis for Kanye West's monster of a track, "Blood On The Leaves":

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, with the duo deciding to announce an indefinite hiatus in December of 2013. However in a recent interview with Complex, Hudson Mohawke confirmed that the two are indeed only on pause for the moment and will be back one day:

Complex: You and Lunice are just taking a break from TNGHT, right? Hudson: Yeah, a lot of people would say that it was a stupid move, but we found ourselves in a situation where a number of major U.S. labels were coming to us, essentially like, “We can get you whoever you want on a track, make us an album. Just make us a fucking rap record, and here’s a blank check.” I can’t say that we didn’t consider it, because we absolutely did, but we both felt like it could be hugely successful for like two years or something and then nobody knows the sort of graft that we cut into our solo careers before that, and then we’d have to have brackets around our name on every flyer for the rest of our lives.

Hudson wasn't the only one to say that TNGHT weren't quite finished yet. In a 2014 interview in Spain, Lunice talked about what the future has in store for the production duo:

With this newly restored hope of a TNGHT reunion for fans across the globe, could a live reconciliation be happening sooner than expected? This August, HudMo will finally be making his way back to Montreal, Lunice's hometown for Osheaga, after two consecutive years of cancelled performances in the city.

Given Hudson's hinting at more TNGHT on the way and that this will be his first performance in the city that his partner was born and raised in nearly 4 years, is HudMo prepping something special for Montreal?

If the fact that the city is where the two first crossed paths back in 2008 wasn't special enough, this year marks the 10th Anniversary of Osheaga, and bringing the boys together seems like the perfect birthday gift for the festival.

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