The D.O.C. To Perform First Show In Years


After years of troubled times, things are finally seeming to shape up for Texas-born rapper The D.O.C.. His portrayal in the recent N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton by Marlon Yates, Jr. was well received, some people going as far as saying he was depicted in the film more justly than members MC Ren and DJ Yella. The D.O.C. pictured with actor Marlon Yates Jr.

If that wasn't already great news, in a recent interview, the rapper revealed that his voice has finally started to come back following a tragic car accident in 1989 which crushed his larynx and ultimately permanently altering his voice:

It seems as if the regaining of his voice is going well, enough so that The D.O.C. was just announced to perform at the "How The West Was Won" show in Irvine, California alongside The Game, Schoolboy Q, DJ Quik and many more West Coast emcees.


When we reached out to The D.O.C. on Twitter to see exactly how long ago the last time he performed was, he replied "Loooooooong time". While it isn't clear whether or not he will attempt to do the show in his natural speaking voice, this show is definitely a good look for the rapper, hopefully the rekindling of many more great things to come in his already prolific career.

Get your tickets for "How The West Was Won" here.