Snapchat Users are Furious Over Racist Bob Marley Filter


Could You Be Loved...Racist? Today is 4/20, otherwise known as National Weed Day, and Snapchat is certainly taking advantage of the even shorter attention spans of stoners around the world. While its "4/20 Got Me Like..." Keanu movie promotional filter is funny and harmless, another one has been drawing quite a lot of controversy. The app's Bob Marley face filter, in which users can pretend they are the deceased Reggae legend for today only, has been criticized for both tarnishing the singer's legacy, and (more disturbingly) promoting blackface. Many Snapchat users expressed their discomfort with the filter via Twitter:

I myself couldn't help but get in on the action:

Do you agree with the criticism or are people acting too sensitive? Sound off in the comments.