RZA Breaks Silence on Azealia Banks/Russell Crowe Ordeal


Earlier this week, Azealia Banks made some shocking accusations towards actor Russell Crowe. In a since deleted Facebook post, the Manhattan-born rapper detailed attending a party at the actor's hotel suite, in which he "called me a n****r, choked, me, threw me out and spat at me." rs_1024x835-161017045437-azaeliafb

According to TMZ, Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA was the one who brought Banks to the party. The pair have previously worked together, when Banks starred in RZA's yet-to-be-released directorial sophomore effort, Coco. Last week, Banks took to Facebook to share her excitement about a freshly inked record deal with the Abbot, a plan that has since been put to rest following the incident with Crowe, with Banks sharing her disappointment at the fact that RZA did nothing to defend her.

Many party attendees, including comedian Jim Jefferies, claim that Azealia had created lies and exaggerations surrounding the confrontation at the party. Today, RZA took to his Facebook page to finally clear the air on the whole incident:

No word just yet on how this will affect the promotional rollout of Coco, but something tells me this will only get worse before it gets better...