Robert Plant Turns Down £500 million Led Zeppelin Reunion Contract


For all those hoping to see Led Zeppelin live one day, don't get your hopes too high. According to a CNN report, the band's lead singer Robert Plant turned down a £500 million contract as proposed by Sir Richard Branson, who happens to be a huge fan of the band. Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 2.57.16 PM


The contract was said to be for a tour consisting of 35 dates, with an offer to extend the tour if the so wished. Allegedly, all of the other members were in, while Plant asked for an additional 2 days to think about it and ultimately declining.

This September, Plant released a new album with his band The Sensational Space Shifters titled "Lullaby and the Ceaseless", which received generally positive reviews from critics.

Do you think LZ will ever reunite?