Rob Schneider Gets Dragged After Trying to Lecture John Lewis


To celebrate Martin Luther King Day, comedian Rob Schneider decided to lecture civil rights leader/House representative John Lewis, following Lewis calling into question the legitimacy of a Trump presidency.

Although Schneider has been recently gaining attention on Twitter due to his seemingly surprising amount of political awareness, people were not feeling the SNL alumni's comments towards Rep. Lewis, especially on MLK Day. The public then proceeded to drag Schneider with a series of tweets mocking his comments, which lead to the The Hot Chick star quickly becoming a trending topic, his name conveniently placed right under Dr. King's.


Rep. Lewis is noted as one of the "Big Six" civil rights leaders, and spoke at The March on Washington, at which Dr. King gave his iconic "I Have A Dream" speech.

Was Schneider in the wrong here? Sound off in the comments, and check out some of the best tweets directed at the comedian below: