Riff Raff Replacing Danny Worsnop in Asking Alexandria?


Yesterday, Asking Alexandria announced via Facebook that their longtime vocalist Danny Worsnop had parted ways with the band. They also confirmed that they would continue to tour with a new, as yet unknown vocalist and announced their presence on this years Vans Warped Tour. Despite this being sad news for fans of the band, for whom Worsnop was something of an icon, the internet is the internet and a bad situation turned awesome last night when a change.org petition appeared asking the band to make Riff Raff (yes that Riff Raff) the new vocalist.

According to the petition, "They [Asking Alexandria] are frontmanless and without Versace. They need someone who will tiptoe them in a new direction. The Neon Icon is the obvious choice. No one else is as strong or talented."

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 4.56.08 PM

As of writing this article the petition has almost 3000 signatures and is aiming to hit 5000 before it closes. Let's just hope that the band responds because come on, who doesn't want to see this happen?


Be sure to sign the petition here!