Review: 'Idiotsitter' Pilot Fails to Muster Up Comedy Central Charisma


Has Comedy Central finally found a blemish on that beautiful face of theirs? These past few years, the network has been trailblazing with hit series after hit series, with series such as Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer and Workaholics allowing it to maintain its place as America's funniest television channel. Even new shows like The Nightly Show and Why? With Hannibal Buress that seemed to get off to lukewarm starts eventually found their voices. However, with Comedy Central's latest series, it seems as if the network may have at long last hit a dud in their programming. Last night saw the premiere of Idiotsitter, a new series based upon a 2014 Comedy Central web series. Created by and starring Workaholics' Jillian Bell and the lesser-known Charlotte Newhouse, the show follows Billie Brown (Newhouse), a Harvard graduate struggling with financial issues and her lack of employment. Down on her luck and desperate for work, Billie takes a babysitting/teaching position, in which she is to look after a wealthy couple's daughter. Upon accepting the job, she is informed of one slight catch: the "child" she is to watch is actually a 20-something year old on house arrest, Gene Russell (Bell)!

Although the cast and plot offered potential, Idiotsitter's pilot fails to really deliver anything fresh, original or even any big laughs. In comparison to Comedy Central's other original series, Workaholics has far more shine in the "drug-induced shock value" department, whereas Broad City does a better job at providing both a strong female duo with amazing chemistry.

The whole story of a home-schooled young adult rings bells, seeming like a less charismatic Billy Madison-type concept. Jillian Bell has served up lots of laughs playing ridiculous characters but her role as Gene rubs off as more obnoxious than funny. The duo's dynamic of "Straight girl, crazy girl" has been far too played out, all coming back to the show's main issue of lacking anything new to offer.

Perhaps the show's pilot can be best described in relation to part of the pilot's plot line. Once Billie is hired by Gene's parents, they leave town, prompting Gene to convince her sitter to let her throw a "small get together". Of course, this "small get together" goes out of hand, turning into a drug-filled havoc for Billie to maintain.

Much like harder party drugs, Idiotsitter is loud, daunting and had me counting down the seconds until it was over. Perhaps Jillian Bell should have just put all of her focus on the sixth season of Workaholics, which fellow cast member Blake Anderson believes could just be the show's funniest thus far. In short, Idiotsitter is a lot more Idiot than it is actually funny. 3/10