Review: Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 - Bar Le Ritz PDB


Toro Y Moi frontman Chaz Bundick is a lover of experimentation. First evident from his Les Sins electronic side-project, Bundick has taken things a step further for his new release and coinciding tour with twin Jazz duo, The Mattson 2. In an effort to relive some exam-induced stress, I headed down to Bar Le Ritz PDB to catch the super-group's inaugural Canadian performance. First to hit the stage was Madeline Kennedy, a protégé of Bundick. Her vocals were reminiscent of Phantogram's Sarah Barthel; determined, yet angelic. Her use of a vocal sampler allowed for strength in minimalism, without the sacrifice of quality.

At approximately 10:40pm, the boys took the stage to a relatively filled venue. At capacity, Bar Le Ritz PDB could fit all but 300 people. This seemed obscene considering the stature of Toro Y Moi. My supposition would be that people were unaware of the concert due to Bundick using his government name. In any case, the intmate setting was surely a treat.

I purposefully did not listen to the group's album prior to the show. This was both because studying had consumed me, along with that I preferred to be surprised. With the show's set list consisting strictly of their self-titled debut, a surprise is indeed what I recieved!

"Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2" saw a far more jam-heavy performance from the "Empty Nesters" musician. Drifting away from his indie-heavy sound, the stage setup saw all but a drum kit (Jonathan), 2 guitars (Jared, Bundick was well for certain songs), and a keyboard (Bundick). The average song spanned around 6 minutes in length.

The sound of the trio could perhaps best be described as "Lo-Fi Steely Dan". The honest lyricism of Toro albums was still in place, only with a far more majestic backing. The jamming element saw the musicians invoking elements from artists they admire, perhaps most notably Jared Mattson's interpolation of "Strawberry Letter 23"'s guitar solo (which did not remember by name until 2:30 this morning). 

While they may not be around as one for much longer, "Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2" certainly left an impression. See if they will be stopping in your city here.