Rapper Stitches Throws Cocaine at Fans Onstage


I put that brick in your faceNow what you gon' do with it?

These are the wise words from Florida rapper Stitches on his street hit, "Brick In Yo Face". If these powerful lines did not convince you that the 19 year old is indeed a cocaine enthusiast, you may want to check out the following video, which documents Stitches performing in Amityville, New York:


This isn't the first time the rapper has enjoyed some coke-indused fun on stage. While in Lake Worth, Florida earlier this month, Stitches reportedly offered fans bumps of his blow before putting a sudden end to the show after his wife's discomfort with the situation.

Would YOU let Stitches put a brick in YO face? Also, flour or actual coke? The nose knows that one.