Osheaga's Top 10 Schedule Conflicts (And Who You Should See)


This weekend will mark the 10th anniversary edition of one of Montreal's favourite festivals, Osheaga. An interesting aspect about this year's lineup is that it sees the return of some of the most memorable Osheaga performers of the past 10 years, along with bringing some of music's hottest names to the city (some of whom are here for the first time). Of course with such a lucrative lineup, there are bound to be some issues in the scheduling in which fans will have to choose which artist they would prefer to see. Often times, these scheduling conflicts find attendees torn apart, not wanting to miss out on seeing one of their favourite performances, yet not wanting to deal with the inevitable "FOMO" (fear of missing out). With that being said, here are our picks of who you should see during the top 10 Osheaga scheduling conflicts:

10. X Ambassadors vs. SZA

X Ambassadors have made their way to Montreal in the past and always receive love from the city. Their song "Renegades" only continues to build buzz as the summer prolongs.

In the case of SZA, this will be the TDE First Lady's first appearance in the city. The singer (born Solana Rowe) will be performing songs from her dreamy catalogue, including work off of her projects S and Z. Although X Ambassadors have an ever-rising hit on their hands, we'd like to believe that SZA's performance will be a more memorable one and a great way to kick off the final day of Osheaga.


9. The War On Drugs vs. Ryn Weaver vs. Toro Y Moi

Although these three acts generally do not have all too many common fans, this schedule trifecta is sure to still serve as a problem for some.

Having released the well-received What For? in early Spring, Toro Y Moi's performance on the more intimate "Scene Des Arbres" is sure to be an interesting set:



8. Ben Harper vs. Alvvays vs. Bishop Nerhu

Ben Harper served as the headliner for the first edition of Osheaga alongside Sonic Youth. While the festival has since experienced growth and esteem as the years go by, so have Harper and his band, The Innocent Criminals. Given this Harper is an absolute must-see at Osheaga 2015. Sure, Alvvays and Bishop Nerhu are both acts that we have a tremendous amount of respect for and would absolutely see under different circumstances, just not when a legend like Ben Harper is performing at the same time.


7. Florence + The Machine vs. Schoolboy vs. A Tribe Called Red

Attendees of the 2013 edition of Osheaga have extremely fond memories of Florence + The Machine's performance at the festival, many calling it highlight of that year. A headlining performance from the group is sure to rekindle that same magic found on Parc Jean-Drapeau 2 years ago.


As for the other two, Q has been known to give half-asses, often lazy live shows. Being Ottawa natives, A Tribe Called Red frequent Montreal are certain to return sometime within the next few months.


6.  G-Eazy vs. Viet Cong vs. RL Grime

G-Eazy has been all over the festival circuit this year despite previous telling us that he wanted time off of the road this year:


Yes, the rapper gives epic live performances. However, his enegry does not quite compare to those of post-punks Viet Cong and "Tell Me" producer RL Grime. Given the fact that A) RL is one of the best DJs we've ever seen live and B) Viet Cong will be back to Montreal in September, we say that RL is your safest bet here.


5. St. Vincent vs. Action Bronson

While St. Vincent casually maintains a seemingly relatable public imagine, Action Bronson continues to pile up the controversy onto his plate. Even with this particular festival, the rapper has received slander from a Quebec women's rights group, taking personally to his "misogynistic and violent insults".

As "punk" and rebellious as BamBam's show is sure to an interesting experience. However, if we are just basing this around one's ability to perform along with the quality of their material, we'll have to go with St. Vincent on this one.


4. Interpol vs. Nas vs. What So Not

When we saw Interpol open for U2 back in 2011, their set was an absolute sleeper. As much as opening for the world's biggest band was almost definitely a worthy challenge, the band felt short of expectations. They were super disapointing considering the prestige that surrounds them and the high quality of their music.

With them out of the picture, is there really much of a debate between the man who put out what is arguably considered to be Hip-Hop's greatest album (Illmatic) versus a DJ who although is relatively good by himself, is still hanging off of the success of when Flume was part of the (former) duo? Nasty Nas wins this round.


3. The Black Keys vs. Tyler, The Creator vs. Zhu

The Black Keys relationship with Osheaga is like a weird kid who graduated from their high school 5 years ago, yet continues to drive by it and act overly-friendly although they've left so long ago. This will mark the band's fourth Osheaga appearence and will continue their 5-year visiting streak of Quebec. Given this, it is a fair assumption that many Osheaga attendees have already seen The Black Keys live at some point or another.

With that being said, that leaves Tyler, The Creator and Zhu, a DJ who's buzz already seems "Faded" away. Tyler is well known for having some of the most high-energy Hip-Hop shows, equipped with mosh pits, crowd dives and middle fingers high and the air. Go see him to close your Sunday night.


2. Weezer vs. Kygo vs. Hudson Mohawke

This conflict becomes trickier once one starts to look at it in-depth. Weezer: A legendary rock band fresh off releasing Everything Will Be Alright In The End, their new album which has been called their best work since 2001's The Green Album. Kygo: A producer/DJ who has been the leading force for the newly crazed "Tropical House" music. Hudson Mohawke: LuckyMe Records' golden child and Kanye West affiliate. Osheaga marks Hudson's first Montreal performance since 2011. Montreal is the city in which HudMo's Trap music innovating duo "TNGHT" was formed alongside the city's own Lunice.

As we previously reported, it had been rumoured that Osheaga would be the spot in which TNGHT would do their long anticipated reunion. However, in the latest issue of CultMTL (article available in magazine, which is available around town in Montreal), HudMo insinuated that although they hope to do a Montreal show in the near future, the festival would probably not be the place to do it.

With this we say you should go rock out with Weezer, as they perform timeless hits along with new fan favourites. Let's be honest, Kygo will almost definitely be back to Montreal in less than a year just like most popular DJs do.


1. Kendrick Lamar vs. Caribou vs. Robin Schultz

In this instance, you have a rising Rap icon, a Canadian with a tremendous amount of heart and a European DJ on a hot streak. As far as performances go, Mr. Schultz's have not been described as highly-praised as the ones delivered by Kendrick and Caribou.

It is without a doubt that those two will go down as two of the most memorable acts from this year's festival. Both have just put out phenomenal albums, works that are being called the best projects of their respective careers. However, Kendrick is currently such an important voice to our generation and Osheaga seems like the perfect time to let him further enlighten us.