Osheaga Bans First Nations Headdresses


Over the past couple of years, many have been in outrage over the appropriation of First Nations culture at music festivals across North America. Many have expressed discomfort with certain festival attendees inappropriately sporting Native articles of clothing. Most popularly, warbonnets and headdresses have been insensitively worn at festivals. 98f5ea90-fb99-0132-4f97-0ec273752cbd

Today, a popular Canadian festival is taking a bold stand to stop this type of cultural appropriation from continuing. Osheaga announced that they would not be allowing First Nations Headdresses onto the festival grounds, as declared via a post on their Facebook page:


While the announcement is sure to upset many "bros" and "basics", we believe that the festival did the right thing. Kudos, Osheaga!

The festival will take place on Montreal's Ile Sainte-Helene from July 31st to August 2nd. Grab your tickets here.