Osheaga Announces Two Epic Pre-Festival Events

If you've ever been to Osheaga, you'd know that the festival is truly one of North America's finest. While the festival is gearing up for the 10th edition this summer, Osheaga have announce a couple of very exciting pre-festivities that are sure to get Montrealers hyped for what is yet to come. The first order of business will be hosting the launch of the terraces on Saint-Denis, a summer hotspot for both Montreal residents and tourists:



Secondly, Osheaga will yet again be having another block party during Montreal's annual MURAL Fest on Saint-Laurent. This marks the fourth time that Osheaga will put together a pre-festival block party.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 6.43.58 PM

Previously, the block parties have brought exciting names to perform including Kaytranada, The Underachievers and the late A$AP Yams.

Out of cash? Worry not, both of these events are absolutely free! The names of the musicians that will perform at the events are to be announced within the coming weeks.