Musicians React to Death of David Bowie


This past Sunday, the Star Man faded back up into the sky. Through a post on his official Facebook page, it was revealed that David Bowie has passed away at 69 following an 18-month battle with cancer. This was later confirmed to be true by Bowie's publicist. He will be survived through his wife Iman, daughter Alexandria, son Duncan, and of course, his multitude of fans. An internationally iconic figure in the world of pop culture, Bowie's death went far from unnoticed. Although only announced a mere 2 hours ago, a plethora of artists have already payed their respect to the late superstar via social media:

On a personal note, I'm having a very hard time letting this one sink in. Part of me doesn't believe it's true.

David Bowie has forever been one of my favourites. From creating a short film to "Where Are We Now" in the 10th grade to listening to "Space Oddity" every time I'm on a flight, his music has always had an incredibly profound impact on my life.

David was always one to preach eccentricity, showing the world that being different wasn't just OK, it is what you should be striving for. Just earlier today I in the process of creating a "Best Albums of January" article for my website which is (and had been) set to feature him. Do yourself a favor and buy Blackstar, his amazing new album that was released this past Friday.

RIP Star Man We will keep shining for you.