Mr. Wavvy Turns 2 Years Old!


On September 27th 2013, a disturbance in the system occurred. A force so awkward, it could not be stopped. That's right, today marks the 2 year anniversary of Mr. Wavvy, when I interviewed both Chali 2na and Third World at their respective Pop Montreal shows!

It's been a beautiful journey thus far, wanted to take the time to thank all of you for your continued love and support. This project has been a true love of mine ever since it began. Whenever times get tough, Mr. Wavvy is what keeps me going.

Wouldn't be right if I didn't thank a few people. First and foremost, my partner, my right hand man, and best bud Nicholas Gertler. Nich has been absolutely instrumental to the success of both the website and the interviews. Whether it's filming, editing, web designing or general input, I know I could always count on him.

Nicholas and I covering Time Festival in Toronto last summer.

I would also like to thank Conor Clarke, who first had the idea to have me interview artists while I was an intern at What started as an almost facetious idea has resulted in one of the greatest experiences of my life.

It wouldn't be right if I didn't acknowledge my parents' support. Not only because they still hold the fact that I forgot to thank them in my grade 6 graduation speech, but also because of their continued desire to watch me succeed with this project, giving help whenever it could be provided.

My parents looking cute before the 2012 premiere of the Snoop Lion "Reincarnated" documentary.

Of course, much love goes to publicists, managers and artist representatives who helped coordinate these conversations. It is always a blessing to be given the chance to sit down with some of the most fascinating musicians out there, I appreciate every opportunity that I am granted.

On that note, I'd like to thank all of the artists that took the time to sit down with me. To some, I realize my awkward attitude may be overwhelming! I respect each and every one of you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to talk to me, no matter the outcome of said exchange.

Bakermat and I after our interview in Los Angeles.

Last but definitely not least, I want to send big love to you, the fans! It's always a treat to have a random person stop me in the streets, at school, a party etc. to tell me they love what I do. Your kind words of encouragement fuel my desire to continue to be as wavvy as possible, at all costs!

As for what's yet to come with Mr. Wavvy, of course we will continue to provide the world with insightful and entertaining interviews with some of your favourite artists. I don't want to speak too soon since a lot of these end up getting cancelled what with busy tour schedules and such but we definitely have some exciting names organized before the year is over.

You can also expect to see Mr. Wavvy content on different websites in the near future. We are always looking to branch out, expand our horizons and this next chapter in the Mr. Wavvy journey will see that this continues to be true.

Finally, we are also looking to produce a music-based documentary in the next little while. This is something we've been looking into for quite some time. It is important for us to find a topic/subject worth presenting to the world. We have previously been in talks with a few people/organizations and are keen on making sure we find just the right one to place our focus on.

Thank you all again! Remember, never be afraid to embrace the awkward. Breathe it, let it live inside of you. Most importantly, stay wavvy!