Montreal City Hall Honors Prince with Purple Lighting

Today the world suffered a great loss. At only 57 years old, singer Prince has passed on to the other side. The death of the illustrious musician has been noted by global figures everywhere. From the elusive Frank Ocean coming out of hiding in Paris, France to share a heartfelt Tumblr post, to President Barack Obama's moving statement, it is certainly safe to say that he will not be forgotten. In Montreal, the City Hall building (Hôtel de Ville) has been lit up in purple in honor of Prince. A tweet from Mayor Denis Coderre (who I genuinely thought I was sitting near at a Prince concert last year until I approached him) describes the temporary lighting choice as "A tribute for a great artist". The mayor is a well-known music buff, meeting with artists such as Bono, Huey Lewis, and Hip-Hop pioneer Kool Herc upon their treks to Montreal.

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In the past 5 years alone, Prince visited the city a number of times, performing over 5 shows. The singer made his final voyage to Montreal a mere month ago, in which he performed 3 shows in one day (two solo sets at Place des Arts and an afterparty at popular nightclub Muzique) as part of his Piano & A Microphone tour.


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