On the Topic of Matt Mondanile


Yesterday afternoon, it was reported that several women have accused Ducktails and former Real Estate recording artist Matt Mondanile of sexual misconduct. This disturbing report details a number of incidents over the span of approximately a decade. The news follows a statement released by Real Estate last week, indicating that Mondanile was let go from the band in early 2016 following multiple claims involving “unacceptable treatment of women”

I am disappointed by the news, appalled by the actions of Mondanile. There is simply no place for such mistreatment of women in our society. It is particularly disturbing to see an artist of Mondanile’s stature use his notoriety to prey on women, as opposed to applying it somewhere positive.

As some of you may know, I interviewed Mondanile in 2015. After careful thought, I have decided to keep the interview online as a moment in history. However, I stress my denouncement of the type of actions Mondanile has been accused of. In turn, the video has been demonetized, and all previously made profits from the video have been donated to the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime. The organization offers help to victims across the country (including sexual assault), including accompaniment through the justice system and crisis intervention.

The internet has helped create a safer atmosphere for victims of assault to step forward with their stories. I applaud those who have been brave enough to share their experiences. It is important that we continue a dialogue in order to decrease the stigma, build a sense of unity, and put an end to abuses of power and sexual misconduct in our industry.