Meet Mastacraft: The Australian Rapper Exhibiting Why Xzibit is a Prick

In April 2014, rapper and former Pimp My Ride host Xzibit was under hot fire in the land of Down Under, when he found himself in a violent altercation with Australian rapper/promoter Mastacraft. Xzibit claims that Mastacraft, real name Patrick Whyntie, and his promotional team had not provided him with means of transportation worthy of his standards. Frustrated with this alleged mistreatment, the "Symphony in X Major" rapper threw a steel chair at Whyntie and threatened to start a fight. The event grew to be highly publicized in the media, gaining attention from websites such as MStars, The Sydney Morning Herald, and even TMZ.
This week, well over a year after the whole incident occurred, Mastacraft has come through with "F*** You Patrick!", a new song/video offering a satirical take on the chair-throwing catastrophe. Through his rhymes, Whyntie depicts Xzibit as an alcoholic, violent and unfair character, shining more light on the situation with his animated sense of humor.

We had the chance to speak to Mastacraft about the song, his misadventures as a promoter and upcoming plans for the new year:
Xzibit has since apologized for his behavior during the incident and has even worked with you again the following year. What about the chair-throwing event made you want to revisit it in song form?
When Xzibit  returned to Australia after my first show with him, he was quite nice and cool. As a fan first, I easily put any differences behind me and when I was offered the Adelaide leg of his tour, I jumped on the opportunity. Looking back at it, he hadn't changed a bit and was just an egotistical, arrogant person with a short fuse.
It really was a bad situation so I decided the only thing to do with it all was make light of it and make fun of myself. The whole incident was completely blown out of proportion, I just decided to flip it on its head and run with what Xzibit had the crowd chant that night, "Fuck You Patrick!". Rap is to serious all the time so I wanted to add a sense of humor with it all.
Looking back at the scenario with X, is there anything you would have done differently to avoid the tension?
The national promoter had messed things up which were then blamed on myself and my team, hence the rage Xzibit had built up. His manager, Big Phil had also attempted to extort more money from us. Sometimes artists do that to promoters, threatening to not perform if they do not front more cash, even when the artist has been paid in full. In 2010 when we did Heatwave 1, we had wired the $20,000 USD over to him in full for his performance. When he was one hour away from coming to the stage, he demanded $6,000 more to go on, an amount we did not have. Luckily, he did go on but we were quite shocked and felt wronged by his actions.
No kidding! Having mentioned you were a fan of his music to begin with, what is your favorite Xzibit song?
 Either "Thank You" or his verse on Dr. Dre's The Chronic 2001, "What's the Difference". There is no denying I like his music and have always been a huge fan, but I am certainly not a fan of him as a person!
You've said that next up is exposing your issues with Kid Cudi, what does this entail?
Well, I probably should hold back here but Kid Cudi cost me and my investor tons of money, so unloading on him is something I do not mind doing! Kid Cudi was paid a substantial amount of money $400,000 USD for 4 shows here in Australia. When he was here, he not only refused to do agreed upon media interviews and promotion but also made life hell for all of the staff. He was constantly sourcing every type of drug under the sun from weed, uppers, downers to more heavy drugs.
He was a spoiled brat and checked himself out of the main hotel into another just to be away from the other touring artists (Tech N9ne, Obie Trice, members of D12 etc.). He was not a team player or someone who cared about working to have successful shows or maintaining his brand/image here in Australia.
On the final night of the tour in Melbourne, he had racked up a $96,000 bill with the hotels he had re-booked, limo service, ridiculous food orders that were all left uneaten. His agency and management stated he would refuse to play unless we footed the entire bill, something that was not agreed on in the contract. This ensued a huge argument with staff and his team. We finally got him to perform after heavy threats of lawsuits. When he finished performing, because he went over time, he had to cut the set short and he went onto trash the stage. Kid Cudi is a dick, plain and simple.

 What are your main plans for 2016?
 I am going on a national tour with Madchild, that is who I am working very closely with. I am releasing a mixtape, Fuck You Patrick!. It will have a donate option for people who like the record to give money to a suicide awareness charity, which is a big issue here in Australia. More than that it is something close to home having suffered from depression myself. I will then release my album, Uppers & Downers in late 2016, which features members of D12. I will also try to not get any chairs thrown at me and try cracking the USA scene!
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