Major Lazer Fox Television Series to Debut in 2015


Diplo is certainly a busy bee. Aside from album with Skrillex coming up, he's also got an abundance of other projects in the works, which he discussed with Billboard magazine in their latest cover story. Being one of the most influential producers at the moment, of course there was a lot of talk about upcoming music. However, the project mentioned that stuck out the most was a Major Lazer cartoon series that is set to debut on Fox next year.

Not much else is mentioned about the project, other than that its soundtrack will feature new songs featuring Cat Power and Mr. Jody Highroller himself, Riff Raff.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 7.39.15 PM

Diplo is also working on collaborations with Lorde, Ty Dolla Sign and even Madonna. Read more of the Billboard cover story here.