Kid Cudi Delivers Heartwarming TED Talk at Former High School

In the past month, any news or coverage related to Kid Cudi has seemed to be put in a negative context. First came the announcement of his tour's cancellation, with the Cleveland-born musician citing issues in both the production of the 16-city, intimate venue expedition, along with personal demons.

Then came Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven, Cudi's 5th studio album, a project panned by both fans and critics alike. Consisting of 26 tracks, the double disk album features a series of (although seemingly basic, structurally,) fully formed songs, along with an additional disk featuring demos and recordings from rehearsals. Many criticized the album for although being ambitious and made with good intentions, lacks the depth and more developed musical composition of Cudi's past projects.

Today comes a video that will hopefully help the rapper, real name Scott Mescudi, end his year on a bit of a lighter note. Back in February, the Grammy Award winner returned to his former high school to deliver a TED Talk to its current students.

In the talk, Mescudi talks about his childhood growing up in Cleveland, moving up to New York to pursue a career in music, being a father and more, all falling under his main topic of self-confidence. Interestingly enough, the rapper chooses to focus on the more positive moments of his life, shying away from topics such as his father and uncle's respective deaths, drug addiction, label issues and emotional adversities (he touches on it extremely briefly at the 6-minute mark, explaining how he used music as a form of self-expression and therapy) he has had to overcome in his lifetime. Some highlights include a happy freakout post spotting a former classmate in the audience, telling embarrassing stories involving his mother in the crowd and perhaps the pinnacle of the talk, discussing his relationship with his 5 year old daughter.


Much like Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven, Cudi goes into the talk with the best of means, yet fails to stick to a main thesis/motive. Instead, the TED Talk finds Mescudi exploring positive tidbits throughout the rapper's lifetime, still leaving its viewers to walk away with more insight into the rapper's life, along with anecdotes and advice they could apply to their everyday lives.

While the talk could not be embedded into this article due to the video settings, click here to watch Kid Cudi's 18-minute TED Talk.


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