Kehlani in Hospital Following Suicide Attempt


R&B singer Kehlani had been a hot topic of conversation today following a picture that surfaced online of her and alleged ex-boyfriend PartyNextDoor in bed together. Following Party's posting (and subsequent) deletion of said photo, it didn't take long for Twitter and Instagram users to relentlessly fire away with countless comments and memes about the situation, bringing Kehlani's supposed boyfriend Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers into the mix. Once again, it seems as if the internet's reaction has resulted in tragedy, with Kehlani sharing the following photo and caption on her Instagram account:




Cyber-bullying is not something to be taken lightly. If you see the mistreatment of an individual taking place online, please, stand up and do not let it go any further. You never know just how much you could be helping the person. We all have one life to live, it would be a shame to see someone take theirs too soon over such a reason. On that note, our thoughts and best wishes are with Kehlani during this unfortunate period in her life's journey.