Kanye West, Foo Fighters and OutKast to Headline "Life is Beautiful" in Las Vegas


Earlier today, an announcement was made of what could very well be the best festival lineup of 2014. This afternoon, Nevada's own "Life is Beautiful" surprised its fans by releasing the poster of this year's edition of the festival: 10494499_707221222681828_1963312823090804975_o

As per usual, the lineup features this year's festival regulars such as OutKast, Skrillex and Arctic Monkeys but it also features many artists that haven't been touring much this year like Kanye, Foo Fighters and The Weeknd.

It is also worth noting that the lineup features two artists that we've interviewed: G-Eazy and Holy Ghost!


Aside from musical acts, the festival will also feature a one of a kind performance featuring Cirque Du Soleil members, as well as members of the Las Vegas' Philharmonic Orchestra.

But perhaps the icing on the cake is he who I've been looking for...that's right, Lionel Richie will be performing here!

Is this the best festival lineup of 2014? Will you be hitting up LIB this year?