Julian Casablancas Reveals Second Daft Punk Collab


We had an "Instant Crush" on their first recording together and now, it seems as if Daft Punk and Julian Casablancas might have another trick up their sleeves! In a recent Revolt TV interview, The Strokes' singer revealed that he has another song with the duo. Although he states that "It's definitely not 1/10th as popilicious as Crush", he still has a burning desire to see it released. Casablancas detailed bothering Thomas Bangalter to put the song out, having seen him the day before the interview took place:

I bothered him last night. I was like, That song man, we gotta put that song out!

Until then, Julian is currently on the road with his side project The Voidz, who's new album bears a sound completely different from his work with The Strokes. Definitely Wavvy approved!