Juicy J Yelling "Grapes!" Was 2016's Greatest Musical Moment


When it came to music, 2016 had a plethora of memorable instances. From a number of untimely deaths, to surprise album releases, it seemed as if this year was a never ending roller coaster at times. But what was the year's best memory? Was it the return of the almighty Frank Ocean? What about Solange finally having her moment? While all of these were great, nothing compares to the time when Juicy J yelled "Grapes!" in the background of a song. Juicy appears on the A$AP Mob's "Yambourgini High", the first single off of the collective's highly anticipated Cozy Tapes Vol. 1: Friends album, a trap banger worthy of any club turn up, basketball practice, drive with the speakers on blast, or other like-minded activities.

Always an excited one, Juicy provides ad-libs on A$AP Rocky's braggadocios opening verse. Rocky paints a picture of his lavish lifestyle, dropping one line in true Big Daddy Kane fashion that lead to this beautiful moment from the Three 6 Mafia founder:

I wake up late, yeah, I'm out of shape, yeah, I'm eatin' crêpes Yeah, I'm sippin' wine, yeah, she feed me grapes (GRAPES!)

Juicy's delivery of everybody's favourite purple fruit is with a precise passion and aggressiveness that we have not heard in food-related "raps" since Action Bronson's Blue Chips mixtape. There is nothing rap fans love more than hearing dope background shouting of a perfect low calorie snack for when you're on the go.

In case you missed the shout in all of its glory, take a listen to it below, Rocky's line starting at 0:49. Unfortunately, the video does not capture footage of Juicy J saying the line, but hopefully the audio is enough for you to paint an imagine in your head, a beautiful, grape-filled, image, at that.


Stay tuned for our Best of 2016 lists dropping throughout next month.