Jian Ghomeshi Found Not Guilty of Sexual Assault

In 2014, Jian Ghomeshi was hit with some serious allegations surrounding sexual assault. The former CBC Radio One host was charged with multiple counts involving several different women, which ultimately resulted in him being dropped from the radio network and his ever-popular Q show. As CBC reports, today Ghomeshi was acquitted on five of these allegations (four sexual assault charges and one choking count) by a Toronto judge, William B. Horkins.

Ghomeshi pictured outside the courthouse earlier today. Photo via CBC.

There were various reasons and attributes that lead to Horkins' decision. One of the most notable causes had to do with inconsistencies in the witnesses' stories. One initially claimed that following the alleged assaults, she had not kept contact with Ghomeshi. However, this was later revealed as false information, as the witness had sent emails and a bikini picture over a year after these supposed attacks took place.

A search of "Jian Ghomeshi" on Twitter reveals outrage, particularly among victims of sexual assault and their supporters. Additionally, hashtags #IBelieveSurvivors and #IBelieveTheWoman have grown in popularity by supporters worldwide following the verdict (including various Canadian figures such as Danko Jones and Fucked Up's Damian Abraham).





Jian Ghomeshi is set to appear in court once again on June 6th for a different case involving sexual assault.