Jeezy's "Seen It All" Was Originally Intended for Kanye West, Big Sean

Ever make a brilliant mistake? On a recent episode of the podcast A Waste of Time, Cardo Got Wings shares a hilarious story of how sending Jeezy the wrong beat resulted in the producer's breakout hit.

The story began after running into Jeezy at SXSW, where the Atlanta veteran requested Cardo send him production for his then-forthcoming The Autobiography album. After sending the track alongside a slew of others, Jeezy was impressed, to say the least:

"It was the wrong beat. He hit me up, in the next [sic] 30 minutes he calls me like "This beat right here...I'm bout to change your life!""

Producer Cardo Got Wings (via  Instagram )

Producer Cardo Got Wings (via Instagram)

Cardo explains how a lack of carefulness resulted in him sending over a beat that had already been shopped around to a couple of other A-List names:

"I was like "Fuck, wrong beat!", cause I had sent the beat to Big Sean. Big Sean never hit me back about it. I sent the beat to a few other people as well. I actually sent it to Travis [Scott] for Kanye at that time too."

Of course, everything worked out in the end. The song would go on to become "Seen It All",  Cardo's first single to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, not to mention go Gold and feature one of Jay-Z's best verses in years.  In fact, Hov loved the song so much that he attempted to keep it for his own project:

"Jay wanted [the song] for Magna Carta Holy Grail", Cardo reveals.

This isn't the first time we've heard of artists missing out on records that went to Jay-Z. In 2011, Pusha T dropped the bombshell that Jay and Kanye West's "...In Paris" was a beat he passed on. Alternatively, Hov has let a number of hot beats slip through his fingers as well, including Black Rob's "Woah!", Ludacris' "The Potion", and Jadakiss' "We Gon' Make It", among others.

Could you imagine Kanye or Big Sean tackling this soulful track? Did "Seen It All" end up in the right hands? Listen to the full Cardo Got Wings episode of A Waste of Time below (the story begins around 1:03:00):

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