David Nolan Releases Jake Bugg Biography


Just as you thought Jake Bugg couldn't get any more press, someone comes around and writes a book about him! That's right, David Nolan, the man responsible for the biographies of both Ed Sheeran and Emma Watson, comes through with a new book, which documents the life and times of our pal Jake. Interestingly enough, Nolan interviewed relatives and past interviewers/peers of Bugg in order to gather his facts, rather than the man himself (too bad he hadn't contacted me for a sit down).

It's quite amazing to see how Jake has progressed over these past few years. In 2011, the British songwriter had barely peaked the scene. Now, a mere three years later, he's tearing up festivals and on the verge of being Rock's next big thing.

When we sat down with Jake earlier this year, he announced that he was in the early stages of penning his third studio album.



Nolan's Jake Bugg: The Biography is available for purchase here.