Jack Ü Break Down Creating "Where Are Ü Now"; Share Unheard Versions


  Jack Ü's "Where Are Ü Now" is easily one of the summer's biggest hits. With its surprising Justin Bieber feature and upbeat vibes, the song served as one of the more pleasant surprises on the Jack Ü album.

In a recent feature done for the New York Times, Jack Ü (alongside Biebs) go into detail with the song, explaining its origins, composition, recalling the first time it was ever performed and more.

At around the 3:30 mark, Skrillex decides to let loose previously unheard versions of the song. Although they do not make the song completely unrecognizable, these versions do contain different builds, drops and other elements that would have ultimately taken away from its now almost iconic sound.

The feature goes on to explain performing the song for the first time, and reveals exactly what the heck that "dolphin-flute" sound is at the drop.

Next month, Diplo is set to open for Madonna during select dates of her "Rebel Heart" tour, while Skrillex just released a new collab with Jauz and Fatman Scoop, available for fee thanks to Adult Swim: