Interview: "Space Jam" Director Reveals Spike Lee Almost Wrote the Film, Scrapped Tiger Woods Sequel

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Space Jam, Mr. Wavvy interviews the film's director, Joe Pytka, to discuss a number of topics, including:
- The fact that he didn't like the idea at first
- A sequel that almost happened subsequently after the first film starring Tiger Woods (23:07)
- Spike Lee almost writing the film's final draft (27:36)
- Thoughts on Space Jam 2
- Warner Brothers later admitting that they heavily mismarketed the film towards children
- An alternative ending featuring Jordan hitting a home run
- Seal was angry when he learned Bugs Bunny would be in his "Fly Like An Eagle" video off of the soundtrack
....and much more. Despite an experience he describes as "a drag" when it came to working with the studio, we are glad Joe was still able to gather many fond and fascinating memories from creating this iconic, one of a kind feature.