Interview: Obie Trice Says Fifth Album Is Already In The Works


As Obie Trice sits next to me in the green room of Ritual Nightclub in Ottawa, I notice something different about the Detroit rapper. Sporting a few grey hairs on 5 o'clock shadow along with a more nonchalant mood than his past-self, it is clear that the 38-year old Trice has done some growing up, with grace at that. However, if one listens to his recent release, The Hangover, it is clear that this is still the same fun-loving, prolific storytelling, alcohol drinking that Eminem signed to Shady Records back in 2001.

With this new interview with Obie Trice, our first of 2016, the rapper discusses his new album, while he also goes on to announce that his fifth LP is already in its early stages and should be out later this year. The rapper also reveals a box set with all of his drinking-themed studio albums (Cheers, Second Round's On Me, Bottoms Up and 2015's The Hangover), which will also feature never before seen concert footage. Obie also discusses why nobody on Shady Records ever worked with J Dilla, recounts one of his favorite tour stories and more:

Cop Obie Trice's The Hangover here.

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