Interview: Ivan Reitman Reflects on Space Jam, 20 Years Later


To cap off our 20th anniversary celebrations of Space Jam we spoke to producer of the film, the one and only Ivan Reitman to an extensive range of topics including:

  • Charles Barkley insinuating he wanted to fight Reitman on set of the film
  • His unique status as a cult filmmaker with financial success
  • Almost directing the film, in certain respects
  • Piecing together the film's iconic soundtrack
  • His next feature film, The Summer of Love
  • An update on a potential Twins Sequel
  • The status of future films in the Ghostbusters franchise
  • The meaning of life

...and plenty more. It is certainly interesting to hear the contrasts in Reitman discussing his memories and experiences of the film when compared to our interview with Space Jam's director Joe Pytka from last week, who was left with a bad taste in his mouth after working with the producers. Listen to the entire conversation below and let us know your thoughts in the comments: