Interview: Beach Season Heat Up The Prairies' Music Scene


Over the past 10 years, Canada has finally started to gain the respect it deserves for its various areas' thriving music scenes. First, it was Montreal, with Indie artists such as Arcade Fire, Grimes, and Half Moon Run propelling into international stardom, while acts like Kaytranada, Lunice, and High Klassified's (among others) newfound success have lead to more attention towards the city's Electronic scene. Of course, it wouldn't be right not to mention the widely regarded commercial success of Toronto's culture, with its Hip-Hop/R&B scenes in particular spawning stars such as Drake, The Weeknd, Tory Lanez, and ones in the making like Jazz Cartier and Roy Woods.

But what about the West of Canada? While perhaps its most notable figure in recent years is Edmonton-born Mac DeMarco, it seems like our national neighbours may be next to see long-deserved recognition. Recent Western acts to receive warm reception include Winnipeg's The Lytics, who hit the studio last year with the Beastie Boys' Mike D for an exclusive session, and Calgary's Hero, who's music has been featured multiple times on Beats1's Soulection radio show as a result of a co-sign by its founder/host, Joe Kay.

Among the Western Canada's most prosperous is Beach Season. Born Sam Avant and Simon Blitzer in Calgary, Alberta, the Universal Music signees have been creating quite the buzz for themselves around the nation. Notable career highlights thus far have included participating in last year's Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in Montreal, and playing esteemed Toronto festivals Canadian Music Week and North by Northeast earlier this year.

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We spoke to Beach Season about who they are, how the West help raise them, and what we can expect from them in the near future:

Mr. Wavvy: Describe yourself in three fictional characters (live action or cartoon)

Beach Season: Steve Zissou, Phil from Groundhog Day, Frank DeTorre.


If you had one word to describe your sound, what would it be?



How did growing up in Calgary affect your sound?

Being from a city with a predominately "cowboy" with a country music stereotype, it always felt like we were the odd ones out. Everyone here is super supportive though, and we found like-minded friends who like pushing different genres.


Is there anything about the city's music scene that you would say made you behave differently as an artist (ie: push harder to achieve your goals, find networking opportunities faster/slower, etc.)

Like any city, when you're here long you get into a bubble and act as such. Sometimes it's hard to break out when you see the same scenery, night life, etc. and it narrows your vision on the world. So I guess we were paying a lot of attention to everything here and focusing less on the bigger picture.


What can we expect from Beach Season within the next year?

More new music, Plenty of live shows (possibly a tour), all good things.


What is the meaning of life?

To do your damn dance on 'em!


Stream Beach Season's new single, "Pink Room", below: