Exploring the Rewards of Raekwon's "The Purple Tape Files" Crowdfuner


After announcing a new documentary at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah earlier this year, it seems as if Raekwon is finally gearing up to put his plan in action. Today, the Chef launched a FanBacked campaign in support of his upcoming documentary, The Purple Tape Files. The film features an in-depth exploration at Raekwon's universally acclaimed debut album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.


Among the rewards to be claimed, there are various merch items (stickers, key chains, clothes. The most expensive being the "Purple Tape Gear Swag Pack", a $135 bundle featuring a beanie, a t-shirt and a hoodie).

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There are also various rewards in which fans will have the opportunity to meet Raekwon, including the "Movie Set Visit + Meet and Greet with Raekwon" and "Studio Time with Raekwon".

However, all of the bundles in which you could meet Raekwon require dropping more than $1000. If you're an aspiring artist, want to take your chances and ball out on a budget, we'd suggest the "Personal MIXTAPE Review by Raekwon and Ghostface", in which the two Wu-Tang members will review your mixtape (track by track) for only $200. To top it all off, the artist of their favourite mixtape will have the opportunity to record with Rae and Ghost and get in person feedback from the two legends!

The grand reward for The Purple Tape Files FanBacked is truly something. If you're willing to drop 10k, you receive producer credits on the documentary, along with a trip to the premiere, merch and much more!

Although Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit, this crowdfunder certainly is!