That Time I Deep Throated Eric Andre's Mircophone


Upon receiving media accreditation for this year's Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, I made a personal goal for myself: Secure an interview with the person I was most excited to see, Eric Andre. Eric is well known for his roles on hit sitcoms 2 Broke Girls and Man Seeking Woman, along with serving as host on his Adult Swim cult smash, The Eric Andre Show. The show excels in surrealism comedy, with Andre flipping the traditional late night talk show mold and turning it into 15 minute episodes of pure fuckery.

Unfortunately, the festival's PR came back with some bad news. Despite her initial belief, Andre would not be participating in interviews during his time at the festival, stating "I would but i’m gonna be SLAMMMMMMED with work". On the bright side, I still had a ticket to his first of four solo shows during his time at JFL.

I enter the newly remodelled ComedyWorks club and take a seat in a corner near the front of the stage. The crowd is a mix of both diehard fans and people who had clearly never seen any of his work. 10 minutes past 8:00, Andre takes the stage, receiving big cheers despite the intimate venue size.

Right off the bat, Eric warms the crowd that he "has not written a new joke since 2009", which could potentially be true to some extent considering part of his opening featured jokes he had previously cracked in an interview with Conan O'Brian:

The show continues with a trip through Andre's ADD mind, vocalizing his chicken-scratch type notes of ideas. This included the thoughts like a "cocaine hat" (which replaces the beers of a beer hat with 8-balls of blow), feeding LSD to the neighbourhood's mentally challenged girl and potential band names (like "KKK Flash Mob").

Midway through his set, the comedian asked for a volunteer in the audience for whom he could interview in order to test out material for the next season of his talk show. Seeing this as the best opportunity to capture Andre's attention, I rose to the opportunity and shot up my hand.

The next thing I know, I'm onstage sitting next to Andre! Never one to be big on letting myself get embarrassed, I decided that there wasn't much to lose in this scenario. Once I revealed my name as Mr. Wavvy and state that "I actually do interviews as well", Eric let out a sarcastic groan "We've got a live one here!"


Andre proceeded to ask me questions while tapping the microphone around my face as if it were a penis. Given that he was pretending it was male genitalia, it was only a matter of time before he started trying to shove the mic into my mouth. Always one to play along, I open my mouth and deep throat that mother fucker!

Eric continues to deliver a bizarre experience, asking me questions about (obviously) being Jewish, along with the "creme de la creme", "Who would you rather fuck, your dad or your mom?". In order to truly captivate this man's attention, I made sure every answer I gave was more fucked up than the question being asked. Revisiting a bit from earlier in the show in which Andre talks homosexuality, I choose my father and quote back to him his "You can't get a butthole pregnant" line. It was at this point that I decided in my head that the idea to get the number of the girl sitting next to me during the show was probably unrealistic at this point.

Andre concludes the interview in an obvious state of shock yet respect. "I have never had this happen before", he declares as he shakes my hand and tells the crowd to "give it up for Max Silverstein", a new name he has coined for me based off of my blatantly Judaic features.

The show wraps up with a bit about a recent trip to Cuba taken by the Adult Swim golden child, in which he shows a terribly poorly translated gift (seen below) that he bought himself while on vacation.

Photo by Véronique Boncompagni.

After the show, I find Andre and let him know that I am fully serious about the fact that I am a journalist and would love to do a sit down with him sometime. Although we were not able to set it up this time around, we are in contact and hope to make an interview happen, somewhere down the road.

Overall, the show served as my strangest Just For Laughs experience ever. Having said that, its abnormality did not stop it from being highly enjoyable. Stay weird, everyone.