Dr. Dre & LL Cool J Have Handfuls of Unreleased Collaborations


In 1998, hip-hop heavyweights Dr. Dre and LL Cool J collaborated on a song titled "Zoom". Originally intended as a Dre and Snoop Dogg collab on the former's debut album, The Chronic, the finalised version with LL can be found on the soundtrack to Warren Beatty's cult comedy classic, Bulworth. Hard-hitting yet smooth, apologetically West Coast while undeniably New York, it remains one of the most underrated songs in both of these legends' respective catalogues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk9UIFjuRbg

Almost 20 years later, it appears as if more collabs from the two may be underway. In a recent interview with HipHopDX, DJ Z-Trip detailed a recent trip to LL Cool J's studio, in which the notorious lip-licker played about a handful new tracks that feature the good doctor:

“It’s fucking dope man! It’s dope,” Z-Trip exclaimed to HipHopDX. “He played me like five or six things and he’s like ‘Man, we got eight or nine other things.’ I think what they do is they just sit down and bang out however many tracks they make and at the end of that whole process they’ll probably gonna figure out which ones are the best ones... I can’t wait for people to hear this incarnation of LL with Dre behind him.”

Speculation of the two working together again first began when LL appeared on Dr. Dre's Beats 1 radio show, "The Pharmacy", to debut a new freestyle over an instrumental made by the Compton producer:


Can Mr. Young and Mr. Smith make magic once again with a new set of tracks together? Let's hope they actually release them so that the we could find out...