DJ Khaled Finds His Match with Nardwuar Interview


If there's one thing DJ Khaled is known for, it's his big personality. Since this past winter, the Miami hitmaker has been continuously strengthening his image with the help of Snapchat, an app he has since been hailed King of (his price went up!). As big a character as Khaled may be, it seems as if he has finally found a person with one just as big to chop it up with... Before hitting the stage at Mass Appeal's SXSW event to perform with Nas, DJ Khaled spoke to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada native Nardwuar the Human Serviette for anΒ πŸ”‘ICONIC INTERVIEW ALERTπŸ”‘! The extensive chat runs through everything from Khaled's Florida roots, numerous quotables and the DJ getting grossed out by Nard's gift of a Perfect Pussy vinyl laced with menstrual blood.


Peep the interview below and let us know your favorite moment in the comment section: