Diplo Confirms Jack U Album; Riff Raff to be Featured


This week marked the release of Riff Raff's "The Neon Icon" album. After being pushed back a number of times, it is clear that a lot was recorded for this project. Among the tracks that didn't make the cut was a collaboration with Skrillex and Skylar Grey entitled "Drunk Girl". However, this did not make the final cut of Jody Highroller's album. Earlier this week on Twitter, Diplo (who executive produced Riff Raff's album) was asked over Twitter why the song was not featured on "The Neon Icon". The Mad Decent boss replied to the fan with this exciting tweet:

Previously, fans were under the impression that Jack U would release about 5 songs this year (since the article stating that was published, "Dirty Vibe" (the first collaboration) was released). As Riff Raff has previously stated that he and Skrillex are dropping an album together (although it was most likely just a troll), it is unclear whether or not "Drunk Girl" is the song with Riff that will appear on Jack U's album.