Dillon Francis Performs at a Bar Mitzvah


Money Sucks, Bar Mitzvahs Rule? According to a multitude of tweets of everybody from Instagram star The Fat Jew, a few pre-pubescent male attendees and the DJ himself, it appears as if Dillon Francis has chosen a different route for his most recent performance. On the "Store" section of Dillon's website, there are many purchase options that include Dillon performing bizarre tasks for often crazy amounts of money (all of which he donates to charity). A few of these tasks include remixing any Blink-182 song, assembling your IKEA bed (which LA Weekly once purchased) and even joining the army.

Previously listed was an option in which Dillon Francis would DJ at your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, and it seems as if one lucky kid has seized that opportunity. Of course being the good guy that he is, Dillon is keeping his word and giving the money away to a charity, as he reiterated in the tweet below:

Check out the tweets and pictures below further depicting the extravaganza and don't forget to wish Dillon a hardy "Mazel Tov" on the gig if you ever run into him.

Here's a few of pics:

Great night. Thanks to @dillonfrancis for the amazing performance.

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Would you pay 15k to have Dillon Francis help you celebrate your induction into manhood? Check out our interview with the man himself below: