Dawson College Shooting: 10 Years Later

Today marks 10 years since the devastating shooting that took place at Dawson College, an event that forever shook the city of Montreal.

That day will stay with me forever. I was in 4th grade, our teachers stopped the film they were showing us to put on the news (one had a daughter in the school). My sister was attending Dawson at the time, was out for lunch and missed the shooting by mere minutes.

Unfortunately, not all had the luck of my sister. This is an event that still has a traumatic presence with many who attended the college. Studies have shown psychological disorders (PTSD, depression, etc.) on 30% of then-students following the shooting.

On September 13th, 2006, the world lost Anastasia De Sousa, a business student entering her first Dawson semester. Anastasia would have been 28, the same age as my sister. May she rest in peace.


When the shooting took place 10 years ago, Dawson College came together as one to help one another with coping, healing, and progressing. Today is a day in which we reflect upon our somber past, and look to make our future days brighter, safer, and united. #DawsonStrong