Thanks for the Hope, California


Trying to find a shred of silver lining amid this travesty of an election. Here's a start...

California has always a second home to me, along with a true love of mine. So proud to see all of the progressive decisions their citizens have made for the state at yesterday's polls.

From stricter gun laws, increased taxes on tobacco, better funding for schools and hospitals, early prison releases for non-violent offenders, and of course, finally legalising marijuana, the state continues to be ahead of its time on issues that many of us wish some other parts of the country could catch up on.

But perhaps one of the California elections results' biggest triumphs was electing a new senator, Kamala Harris. Harris, a Democrat, will be the second African American woman to serve as a senator, the first in almost 18 years. Having been a wonderful Attorney General to California, I am confident that her time as senator will be even more effective.

Harris celebrates her win in Downtown Los Angeles. Photo available via LA Times.

Yes, the Presidential results are an upset to millions, but simple reminders like this are important in showing that not all hope is lost for a brighter future.

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