BadBadNotGood Hint at Collab Album with Kaytranada


BadBadNotGood have recently released an album titled IV, a colorful project that continues the band's trek of putting out some of the most exciting Jazz music in recent memory. In a recent interview with online music magazine Hypetrak to promote the project, the band touched on a number of topics, including crafting their latest LP, songwriting, and future collaborations. While touching on the topic of collabs, newly-inducted member Leland Whitty revealed that BBNG are in talks with fellow Canadian musical mastermind, Kaytranada, to release a full-length LP with the producer:

Do you guys think you’ll do a collaborative album again, similar to [Sour Soul] with Ghostface Killah?

LELAND: We haven’t thought about doing something to that extent right now. The only thing that’s in the books is working with Kaytranada, we have a lot of plans to keep working with him. I think we have 30-40 songs together and we want to do a full length album that may be instrumental or may have collaborations. Aside from that we don’t have set plans.

Did you just say you have 30-40 songs with Kaytranada?

LELAND: Yeah, unreleased things. We have another session with him in July.

Do those have features on them?

LELAND: Everything in the vault is instrumental. We’ve done a lot of stuff with him that’s been put out by different artists. There’s a song with him that Mick Jenkins ended up rapping on called “The Artful Dodger” that just came out recently.

This isn't the first time either party speak fondly about one another during an interview. Earlier this year, Kaytranada spoke to Sway about the benefits of working with BadBadNotGood (particularly for their use of live instruments and how it relates to the sound of certain songs):

While no official collaborative project is being announced just yet, it seems as if Kaytranada has another body of work that should be dropping very soon. During a talk with Beats 1's Zane Lowe in May, the Montreal producer told the DJ about plans to drop a follow-up mixtape to his critically-acclaimed debut, 99.99%, appropriately titled 0.01%:

Hopefully, development from this prospective project shall arise before the end of the year. Until then, purchase BadBadNotGood's IV here and Kaytranada's 99.99% here.