Andre 3000 Back to Recording Solo Album?


Andre 3000 is Hip-Hop's deadbeat dad. Every year, he'll come around with one amazing guest appearance, a gift to his fans (children) making us think he's back and will stay for good. But alas, he always "goes out to buy a pack of cigarettes" and never returns...*sighs* All this to say, will pops ever stay for good? While 3 Stack's long-awaited solo LP still seems in limbo, a new photo suggests that there is indeed progress on the project. Earlier tonight, comedy legend Chris Rock shared a photo with Andre, along with a few more famous friends and revealed that they were assisting the OutKast emcee with his highly-anticipated album:

While Chris has obviously known to joke and clown about topics like this, he has also contributed to a number of notable Hip-Hop projects, including an interlude on Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, along with collaborations on his own albums with the likes of Biz Markie, Lil Jon and many more.

Earlier this week, Andre 3000 commemorated the life of fallen A Tribe Called Quest member Phife Dawg with a moving speech at his tribute show at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York. During the speech, the ATLiens rapper confessed his regret over an A Tribe Called Quest/OutKast collab album that was discussed among the respective members 2 years ago, but ultimately fell under the rug. Perhaps revisiting this was inspiration to get back into the booth, doing what he does best...